Artificial Intelligence in HR

An AI-powered HR Technology for endorsing your recruitment activities and facilitating data-driven determinations.

Engage your employees with HR Artificial Intelligence

Different organizations have different definitions of employee engagement, yet there are many common aspects found in those definitions, including- enthusiastic employees, driven, self-motivated and growth-oriented, and more. Above all, an engaged employee finds a purpose and some meaning in his or her work.
However, organizations often limit employee interaction to annual reviews and performance assessment activities. And, it is rather impractical to expect deeper insights into engagement issues merely through such limited interactions.
Approaches like employee surveys, special committees, and limited data analysis do more harm than deliver actionable insights through genuine responses.
Hence the advent of HBR-AI-HR is a welcome change in the way organizations approach engagement. A-HR will enable organizations to modernize their processes, right from on-boarding and performance management to talent development.
Here are a few ways in which AI-HR can help increase employee engagement and deliver a positive experience-


Realtime Interview & Feedback

HBR provides AI-HR tools that are used in interviews in two key scenarios. The first instance that uses AI to assess video interviews, using voice and facial expression analysis to assess personality traits. While this can help cut down on the time and attention required of recruiters to review each candidate’s recorded response, there are some big red flags with using facial recognition to select candidates – more on that in a minute.

The second way to use an AI tool with a pre-recorded video interview is to analyze the content of the answer. The video portion can be used to give more context to the candidate’s skills test and help a candidate stand out beyond their initial response. Real-time feedback, whether small or large, good or bad, is a gateway to understanding what’s going on in the employees’ minds, how are they feeling, what are they talking about in the organization, their likes-dislikes in the workplace, etc. Using HBR AI-powered responsive platforms, organizations can collect real-time feedback from their employees and address any queries or issues right there and then, without having to go through an entire feedback process that is a time-consuming as well as a resource-heavy task. Advanced AI tools use sentiment analysis to give better insights into the employees’ workplace mood and their general satisfaction with the work and their colleagues, flagging even the smallest of issues faced by employees to address them the moment they arise.

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Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding should be experience-directed and not method-dictated. HBR AI lets you concentrate on people while it necessitates care of all the compulsory joining customs.


Augment the initial-day activity with a smarter pre-boarding

Your candidates can be entertained by other boards-proposals. HBR AI-HR benefits you to design and automate the complete preboarding trip. And reduce such drop-outs.
Your Candidates get the automated advantages on behalf of our AI-HR Software for the process of onboarding:

  • Document Submission
  • Welcome Message
  • Onboarding

The AI-Recruitment Platform

Artificial intelligence recruitment reduces the workload for recruiters by automating all the mundane tasks. With AI-powered recruitment, increase the quality of hires, alleviate repetitive tasks and use time effectively.

Hire the best talent based on real potential and reduce bias. AI recruitment is not only beneficial for you and your team; it is also beneficial to enhance the candidate experience.

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What does HBR have to offer? An advanced HRMS

The HR profession is more complicated and committed today than it ever has been. There’s so much that goes into the administration of employee knowledge, which is used for everything from hiring and retaining to education, evaluations, and so much more. The greatness and workers following these businesses make it critical for human resources specialists to have HR management software for more efficient management of HR knowledge.

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Candidate Sourcing

Take the pressure out of talent procurement with HBR’s candidate sourcing technology. Promptly post a modification of job boards, social media sites, and more. Throw a comprehensive net for both jobseekers and similar inactive candidates with the HBR candidate sourcing tools.

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HBR’s recruitment ATS & CRM enables recruiting professionals to:

From job submission to candidate placement, the integration of HBR’s recruitment ATS & CRM in an all-in-one platform improves the data quality and enhances workflow, instead of reinventing the wheel. The ability to access candidate lists, emails, and job orders without having to switch systems or programs goes beyond convenience to translate into real-time savings and dollars.

  • Quickly create and share new contacts and account activity
  • Effectively collaborate with team members to generate new business
  • Instantly track client communication, notes, and tasks
  • The Most Efficient End-to-End Solution
  • The nature of the staffing industry today requires sales teams to be constantly connected to the business information they need to effectively sell to clients and satisfy the needs of customers.
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Our Customer Relationship Management system (CRM)

Allows you to build and maintain relationships with large pools of candidates and effectively manage the entire recruitment process..

  • Web Access
  • IOT Enabled
  • Mobile Applocation
  • Project Testing
  • Best UI/Ux Design
  • Business Intelligence
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Report
  • Customer Service
  • Finance Analytics